hardinconstructionCraig Hardin of Hardin Construction

Craig has done metal roofing work in the Frederick, MD area since 2004. He made the cover of the Metal Architecture Magazine-April 2015 edition. Here is his response of his favorite roofing tool.

I would have to say that a must have and favorite for me is the Stubai plastic seaming block/anvilWhy? Because it can be used for complex seaming details on all metals including factory painted metal. With the right hammer “12-16 oz plastic faced dead blow” this combo offers an opportunity  to apply traditional detailing without compromise to the materials finish.

jorgefiscalJorge Fiscal of Custom Copper and Zinc

Custom Copper and Zinc is based in Raleigh, NC and started in 2000. They offer services covering basic flashing repair to the most complex architectural designs on facades and standing seam roofs.

I have to say that I miss my blakladder pants… why they don’t sell Skillers here in the USA?… I know they have a summer version with the same pockets and cordura reinforced on the right areas but jersey-like on the sides to help cool off.

Recently a friend gave me a simple pocket ruler, it has a built in protractor and kind of locks in place, it helps me a lot to transfer angles, a straight edge and of course, a long ruler.

Number one is the Wuko rolling bender. Genius of a man who came up with such great concept.

Lou Rondeau of Rondeau Construction

copperroofLou has been in the metal roofing industry for 20+ years and has given presentations at many of the top roofing conferences. His favorite product is the MASC Nibbler.

Masc Nibbler works it’s way through another great job. The tool of choice that I have constantly in hand during these types of roofing details.

Well worth the minor investment. Well worth having in my toolbox.

morekansas1-1040x692Daniel Delle of Copperworks

Daniel has more than 15 years experience in the industry, beginning his career in Germany as well. He has expertise in the designing stage of the roofing systems.

My favorite tool is the Wuko Bender 2204 due to the versatility of bending on site