The Latest in Seaming Products

Stortz Tools specializes in getting you the right seamer for your architectural (1″ or 1.5″) panels. Our store has a wide variety of seaming options from manufacturers around the globe. We can help you pick the seamer that will work best for your application.

In this post, we will specifically focus on mechanical lock standing seam panels and a new, simpler method of seaming. DRILL POWER SEAMERS.

What is Mechanical Lock?

Mechanical lock roofing panels seam together differently than snap lock systems. These panel profiles get folded into one another making a more watertight seam in harsh weather conditions. The installation process involves using seaming tools and/or a power seamer to get the panels locked together.


  • Suitable for roof pitches of 2/12 (lower in certain conditions)
  • Allows for various folding details to be incorporated into roof
  • The preferred panel selection for historical restoration work
  • Better curb appeal for residential applications

The install process with mech. lock panels is more involved than snap panels but can expand your companies offering and add value to your customers. Learning more involved installation techniques and up-selling a better roof to your customers is simpler than ever. Ultimately, the homeowner ends up with a better roof over their head and your company will benefit from a stronger reputation.

3 Reasons to use a Drill Seamer

1) Weight / Portability

The most common compliment we receive about the AccuSeamer is about its weight. Lugging 50lb machines onto the roof and moving it from seam to seam is frustrating and tiring. The Drill Seamers being only 10-15lbs makes life easier and work more enjoyable.

2) Speed

In terms of speed, our AccuSeamer and Double FalzSeamer are FAST. Too fast to run at full speed actually. We generally set the drill to the lower speed setting in order to be able to keep up with the seamer as it travels up the roof.

Note: The drill trigger is not being fully engaged in this video example. It is advised to run the seamer at a speed you can comfortably walk with

3) Cost

Renting a seamer is fine for a one off job. There would be no need to own an expensive seamer when you can pay approx. $50/day to rent one. However, we often hear that the rental process is frustrating because the costs add up quickly when you are being charged for transit time as well as days on the job where seaming couldn’t be done for some reason.

Typically a power seamer will set you back $4,500-$6,000 depending on the model you select. The AccuSeamer comes in at $1,999. Less than 1/2 the cost for a machine that will be easier to use (in most cases). We stock these seamers and can ship immediately if you are caught in a pinch.

1″ or 1.5″ Seam Height is the main factor in determining if the AccuSeamer is a good choice for you

Mechanical standing seam can be intimidating to a crew that is used to installing corrugated or snap lock profiles.

Try a drill seamer and figure out what your competition already has. Tackle mechanical lock standing seam jobs and offer a better roof to your customer. The evolution of drill seamers is making this roof an appealing option for residential work.