US Metal Roofing out of Holyoke, MA is a family owned business since 1971. They specialize in mechanically locked, double seamed metal roofs in 24 or 26 gauge steel. The owner Keith understands that doing a successful roofing job is doing it once. This is why he’s invested in the company’s future by making certain that his crews are all outfitted with the best equipment available. Job quality correlates with what tools are used to install. Keith has scoured the internet, bought and tested what’s out there, and we’ll give you an insider look at what he feels the finest available equipment to get the job done best.

Scratch Proof – Eaves Locking Tool

Every roofer hates scratching the painted surface of panels. Don’t worry about picky homeowners because the PVC Eaves Locker has soft jaws to keep the surface looking fresh. One of the most sought after tools was just improved on.

Midwest Snips L & R Aviation Cut (On Backorder Until Jan ’21)

Combining enduring blade hardness, comfort, and precision, the Midwest snips are a sheet metal workers best friend. The best part is that these snips won’t break the bank which makes you feel better about cutting through 3 layers of metal.

Quick Set Scriber

This quick scriber is perfect for making consistent marks over and and over again.

Towa Power Grab Thermo Gloves

Working in freezing temperatures? Give your hands the attention they deserve with these Thermo gloves that provide insulation for long lasting work in frigid temperatures.

Draco K8 – Single Lock Seamer

If you want the tightest, single locks, look no further. The German made Draco K8 is a single lock seamer that does the job perfectly up to 22 gauge steel. If you’ve tried others, why not try this one?


The AccuSeamer has been selling for years now and it’s easy to understand why when compared to its 60lb counterparts. Where others doubted whether the Accuseamer could perform on a cordless drill for long hours through 24 gauge, Keith was quick to experiment. This cordless power seamer soon became a seamer of choice in certain jobs that require maneuverability.