The girls were like “we’ll take the picture for tips.” I was thinking a few bucks, whatever. They take the picture and then say, “people usually give us $20”. I gave the one girl $10 and the other was like “what about me?” This picture cost me $15 bucks so I had to use it.

Metalcon 2017 took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The expo was well attended and there was lots to learn. Here are a few pictures to go along with some of the companies that I saw at the show.

DI Roof Seamer Booth

DI is a company in Mississippi who specializes in power seamers for mechanically locked standing seam panels. Also pictured is a batten power seamer. Other products they manufacture are hand crimpers for the 1st and 2nd stage and a can opener for removing the top portion of an already closed double lock standing seam. Take a look through our DI product offering.

Swenson Shear & Panel Notcher / Slitter / Hemmer /

Swenson Shear is a company who has been selling the, you guessed it, Swenson Shear since 1958. The Swenson Shear comes in many different sizes depending on the width of the panel. At the trade show, they were also demonstrating a 3 part system called the Snap Table Pro for prepping snap lock panels. It will essentially notch, slit, and hem a panel for installation. Take a look at the video. Retail for the SnapTable Pro is $17,995.


Alpine Snow Guard Booth

Alpine Snow Guards have been a reputable manufacturer of snow guards since 1998. With the pride of Vermont, Alpine can stand behind their domestically produced snow guards. They also create first class videos of their products. Feel free to look through our product selection of snow guards.


Stubai Booth

Stubai is an Austrian producer of fine quality hand tools. Stubai is made up of many small factories that make up one conglomerate. Outside of roofing tools, they also produce tools for Forestry, Woodworking, and Climbing Equipment. Quality is paramount. Shop our selection of Stubai Hand Tools.

Wuko Booth

If you’ve gone to a roofing trade show in America, there is a good chance Wuko was exhibiting. It’s very surprising to me the amount of people who have never seen a roll bender. Once demonstrated in person, you get a much better feel of what the product is capable of. Wuko’s latest tool innovation is a tool for cutting off the top of an already locked standing seam below the fold. Shop all of our Wuko Benders.

S5! Booth

S5! is a staple at all metal roofing trade shows. Their products are mainly used for clamping objects to standing seam roofs. Whether it be snow guards, solar panels, HVAC equipment, they’ll have a clamp that fits the metal roof type.