#30 Pad Style


  • Available in a multitude of Firestone® Una-Clad colors
  • Made in the USA using recycled materials
  • Our riveted “fish head” design means optimum strength with no risk of unfolding
  • Perfect size for soldering to copper or zinc panels, or adhered to metal panels
  • Allows snow and ice to drop off in small amounts or melt completely
  • Protects against snow damage at the lower roof level (gutters, valleys, crickets, roof protrusions, plumbing vents, etc…) and at ground level (cars, people, landscaping, pets, walkways, ground mounted mechanical units)
  • Can be soldered, through-fastened or adhered (double sided tape).  We recommend soldering to copper roofs
  • Let us know what color you would like as a note in the order.