5″ or 6″ Half Round Gutter Clamp

5/5 (3 customer reviews)


  • A useful tool for clamping two pieces of gutter together for soldering 5″ or 6″ half round gutter
  • This tool is custom fabricated, precision machined, professional quality, and Jed Clampit approved
  • Irwin vice grip keeps gutters tight when clamped
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  1. Paul Dickover

    Finally purchased the 5″ gutter clamp! This tool is perfect for inside and outside meters as well as joining pieces together. I will be purchasing the 6″ clamp on my next 6″ job. Saves time, solder and $$.

  2. Jeremy

    Quality tool. Would like to see closer tolerances

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    Awesome clamp! It paid for itself within the first day of use.

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