Buschmann Mini 2in1 Pliers


Seamer for closing 1″ or 1 1/2″ mechanical lock panels

  • The mini version is designed to be used for starting a seam and attaching a power seamer
  • For seaming both the first (90°) and second (180°) locks of a mechanical seam
  • Works on 1″ or 1 1/2″ high seams with 1/2″ width across the female leg
  • This tool pairs perfectly with our Double Falz Seamer for quick and easy perfect seams
  • Replaceable PVC inserts prevent scratching painted panels for a great finished look
  • Clasp on tool to hold handles together for easy travel
  • Non slip grip for seaming in all weather
  • 4″ Width

Max Bending Thickness:
Copper / Zinc / Alum – 20oz / .8mm / 0.032
Painted Steel – 24ga
Stainless Steel – 26ga

  • 2 Tools in 1

    Lock seams 90° and 180° with one tool! Less to carry on the roof.

  • Non-Scratching PVC with No Slip Grip

    PVC jaws prevent unsightly panel scratching and will not slip off the panel in all conditions

  • Mini (4″ wide) Version – Use on Radius Panels

    Lesser Jaw width is ideal for quick seaming to start a power seamer, OR to use on barrel dormers


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