Stortz Perfect Bender S-100

5/5 (2 customer reviews)


  • Bending up to 110° – will not scratch paint past 90°
  • Insertion depth 5-100mm (1/4″ – 4″)
  • Main operating parts are made of stainless steel for working in any weather condition
  • 16mm stainless steel rods with laser markings
  • Space between axles can be adjusted depending on the thickness of material (.3 – 1mm)
  • Ruler in Metric only
  • Capacity: 24ga steel, 26ga stainless steel, .040 aluminum, 20oz copper, and 1 mm zinc


  1. Erik Bartone

    Hartford Metal Co. and Drexel Metals Inc. hosted a training seminar for local roofing contractors to learn metal roof installation and best practice install techniques. We purchased a new Stortz Perfect Bender S-100 for use at the training session. We ordered the tool and within two days we received it. During our training session, contractors were given hands on training and the consensus was one-sided, they all loved this tool!!!! The comments we received were; high quality tool, very easy to set up and use, the bends were perfect, you can easily control the tool with one hand and hold the material in the other. Being able to hold this tool in one hand while forming is very important to maintaining a high degree of bending accuracy and quality control.

  2. Carl mills

    great tool

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