Stubai Slater’s Hammer

4/5 (7 customer reviews)


  • Pull nails with the key hole, punch holes with the point, drive in nails, and you have the ability to trim slate all in one tool
  • Carry less tools up with you on the roof
  • Point and hammer face are specially heat treated to withstand tough use
  • An all leather handle is featured
  • Grinding on shaft is on one side only
  • Overall Length 13 3/8”
  • Weight 22.9 oz
  • Breakdown of hammer uses and features here
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  1. Francois (verified owner)

    Perfect hammer just perfect weight and sharp egde good metal quality

  2. Jesse Souza

    I love this hammer for its weight. Great with a slate ripper.

  3. New England Carpentry (verified owner)

    I just bought two and wish I had bought two of the stortz hammers instead like the two I already have. I tried to save a buck and it doesn’t pay off. My guys didn’t even punch 40 holes and the tip bent a 1/4 in back on one of them . Very awkward in comparison to the stortz. Lesson learned don’t change what works.

  4. Richard (verified owner)

    Tom from Stortz called today to rectify the issue with the hammers I purchased . Thank you Sir for the prompt attention to customer service . I apologize for not calling and giving your company a chance to resolve prior to the review. Your integrity is impeccable. Thank you New England Carpentry

  5. frank (verified owner)

    Blew holes in 3/4 inch vermont slate was very happy no issues

  6. frank (verified owner)

    Split threw 3/5 ate no prob very light weighted perfect

  7. Colin Kelly (verified owner)

    I got my hammer really quickly. It’s awesome I haven’t touched a nail punch in days and I am a lot quicker and efficient it’s just bang bang with this thing. 1000% recommend

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