The IRE was this past week held in New Orleans, Louisiana. There were about 500 booths that spanned 28 different aisles. Here are a few pictures of some of the booths that were being presented who we do business with, are associated with, or have an interest to our product line.

National Slate Association
The NSA exhibited to promote the use of slate in North America.

Slate Roofer’s Contractor Association
The SRCA’s goal is to provide education and guidelines for slate roof installation and repair.

DI Roof Seamer
Here is a new 1st and 2nd stage seam closer from DI.

Express, a French company, provides soldering irons for roofing.

Fake Slate
I have a bone to pick with calling synthetic “slate” actual slate. Here is a blip from the IRE program.

If you read that and don’t question how could a synthetic material which hasn’t been around for 10 years outlasts a natural material with a proven track record, then we are on different pages.

Vermont Slate Quarry Association
The VSQA is a group of quarriers from Vermont who are looking to help spread information about natural slate.

This is a computerized brake that requires no work once the bends are entered into the computer.
Can also do curves.