Curious as to what our top sellers are for the metal roofing industry? In this post we review not only the most popular, but the highest rated metal roofing tools from 2018 in the Stortz catalog. Take a look below and find out what you’re missing!

Biegetec Finish Hand Seamer

The Biegetec Finish Seamer is the ultimate tool for locking the first and second stages of a mechanical lock panel. PVC jaw insets protect the finished surface of your panel (especially painted metal). This European style seamer is great for 1 & 1.5″ mechanical lock up to 24ga and will speed up the hand locking process on your next job.

Get your Biegetec Finish Hand Seamer today!

Very happy with this double lock hand seamer. Easy to use – lightweight – consistent seam profile – no scratches – Thanks Guys!

Jon (verified owner)

Stubai Premium Snip Bundle


Stubai’s premium combination tin snips remain the favorites among our customers. The snips have offset jaws to protect the users hand, smooth blades to prevent tearing of natural metals, and are made of a HRC62 steel for durability.

These are a far cry from box store snips. You won’t want to lend these out because you might not see them again.

Order all three pairs at once to get discount pricing!

Finally some left and right snips that last more than 6 months. Great steel that stays sharp and they last longer than any other snips that I’ve used in the last forty years.

Alan (verified owner)

RAU 105 & 106

Certainly not new to 2018, but stalwarts of a metal roofers arsenal. These tools are the first class way of locking metal on the eaves edge.

The RAU105 provides a crisp bend because unlike the other edge benders, the metal will not float in the slot because of a spring induced clamping mechanism.

The RAU 106 is the #1 tool for keeping the material tight on the drip edge and will not leave unsightly crimp marks like smaller hand seamers.

Order both for discounted pricing!

Excellent results; Well worth the investment!

Mike (verified owner)


Who wouldn’t want a tool that seams at 180 ft / minute (a standard power seamer is ~40), costs 1/3 of a standard seamer, and weighs 1/4 as much? The Accuseamer is meeting expectations and more feedback will develop to ensure further confidence in the US market. If you haven’t seen the tool, here are some links to get you accustomed; product page and blog post.


  • Great solution for short runs of mechanical lock standing seam
  • Light weight and no electrical cord for portability
  • No crimp marks from hand seaming

We received the Accuseamer and I just got done shop testing it.  IT IS AWESOME.

Jarod (verified owner)

Perkeo Soldering Iron

What do metal roofers want from a soldering iron? They want it to heat up quickly, melt solder in any conditions, a flame that’s wind resistant, and feels comfortable for long runs of soldering. The Perkeo iron does all of this at an affordable price for an iron. It is German made with parts of stainless steel, brass, and Teflon.

Check out the Perkeo Soldering Iron here.


  • Heats up in less than 55 seconds
  • Strong flame will not blow out in windy conditions
  • Works with all rodded soldering tips from various brands

Quality product and works GREAT!!!

Airshield (verified owner)

Small 45° Clinching Pliers

These small pliers can make a big difference when working in tight spaces. Perfect for detail bends, especially around the eave, and can even crimp the first stage of a standing seam mechanical lock.

For just $45, these are a must-have for any roofer.

Excellent little tool and just the right size for folding corner details on flashing, drip edge, and any other work in small spaces.

Max (verified owner)