7″ Wall & Floor Scraper – 150-B

5/5 (4 customer reviews)


Formerly known as a ”Toland” scraper


    •  To scrape off excess mortar from forms or walls.
    • Excellent tool to prep surfaces before pressure washing.
    • Cleaning / scraping floors of unwanted gum, putty, or caulk.
    • Aids in the removal of asbestos materials on walls or ceilings
    • Excellent to get under vct floor tile for removal & stripping.
    • Can remove paint or wallpaper from interior walls.


  • High quality, versatile, inexpensive scraper
  • Flexible, single beveled blade produced from hardened spring steel.
  • Fitted with a malleable iron socket to receive a 1 1/8” standard tapered broom handle, not included.
  • Blade thickness .040 gauge.


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  1. Brian Lybarger (verified owner)

    Very well built, customers love these scrapers. well worth the money!

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    Quality steel that will actually scrape unlike a hardware store floor scraper that will just rub. Comes with a reusable edge cover which is nice to know you’re buying a tool meant to be used and not something disposable.

  3. Dan McMahon (verified owner)

    I have been using a 4″ scraper to clean up a concrete floor for my chickens. I have used it so much it is now closer to 2″. I bought a replacement from another manufacturer, and just haven’t been pleased with it, so I purchased 2 of your 7″ scrapers. I couldn’t be happier with the new ones. They do exactly what I need, and with a 7″ model, the work is quicker. Finding out you are a local company was the icing on top.

  4. Larry

    Excellent scraper

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