The Problem:

You shouldn’t need to replace your tin snips after every metal job


 Below are the reasons why Bessey and Stubai Snips are going to outperform and outlast the “Box Store” snips, but it is up to the roofer to choose the path he wants to take. Be specific about your tools and their quality. You and your customers will end up with a better result. A better roof.

Invest in yourself.  Invest in your work.  Invest in quality tools.


Stortz Recommendations:

Roofers have strong opinions. Often times, a roofer will be reluctant to make a change to their tools because it “feels different”. Getting used to a new style tin snip can be off putting to begin with but can pay dividends over time.  After years of selling snips, the recommendations below are what our customers prefer.



Roofer Type 1: The Metal craftsmen

Our customers are interested in utilizing the highest quality tools to complete skilled metal roof work. The Stubai Premium Snip Bundle is our #1 seller. They are particularly great for working on natural metals like copper, zinc, & aluminum, but they can hold up on steel jobs fine. There are snips you take care of. Don’t let the new guy get a hold of these and start cutting wire and stainless panels.

Recommendation:  Stubai Premium Snip Bundle


  • Be Professional – For the roofer that excels in European metal roofing techniques,  the Stubai combination tin snip is the standard.
  • No Built In Spring – When the spring fails in a compound action tin snip, it’s toast. These come with a removable spring to ensure long life
  • Precise – The blades are machined smooth and the design allows for easy straight cutting as well as radius cutting
  • You Won’t Go Back – When people working with copper try these snips, they rarely change preference again

Stubai Snip Bundle


Roofer Type 2: All Steel, All the Time

Recommendation 1: The Bessey Ideal Snip Bundle

  • Price – These tools are affordable and the few extra dollars spent will go a long way in performance and longevity
  • Longer Handle – Ideal Snips are similar to the shape and straight snips, but have a slightly longer handle length to allow more leverage to be placed with less user effort
  • Special High Grade Steel – HRC 61+ means and nice long blade life and the design allows for great maneuverability
  • Precision ground cutting jaws – Blades are not serrated, resulting in cuts that are nearly burr free with no material distortion

Ideal Snip Bundle

Recommendation 2: Bessey Robust Snip Bundle

Bessey Robust snips are built tough to withstand use on steel. The compound action joint means less force is required to perform the same cut. They are particularly good for cutting multiple layers of metal.

Roof Type 4: Stainless steel job

Recommendation: Midwest Stainless Steel Snips

Stainless steel is tough to cut. It wears snips fast. It wears everything fast. You will go through your snips faster if your job is in stainless. This is a fact. However, we do carry Midwest Stainless Steel Snips that are specialty hardened to withstand more use than the standard snips. Expect more life out of these when tackling stainless jobs.

  • Ultimate Hardness – Specialty hardened steel on these make them uniquely durable
  • Cut Stainless –  These snips are geared for users working primarily in stainless steel since that tends to be the toughest on blades.
  • Flows Through – They’re made for continuous straight and curved cuts, and are equipped with case hardened, high speed steel edges.