Brand New Soldering Tips Available at Stortz Tools

    • Masc Long Life Tips – The Masc Long life soldering tips provide an alternative for any iron that uses a “rodded” tip.  It will fit in the Perkeo, Aero, Sievert ESK1-10, and Express 330 Soldering Irons.
    • Aero Flat Head Tips – Aero has broadened their tip selection with the addition of the Flat Head, Axe, and Reverse Flat Head soldering coppers.

EXTEND YOUR LIFE!  Well, at least extend your soldering copper’s life

Enough wasting your time pre-tinning your soldering copper.  Enough filing and shaping your soldering tip every time you use it for a couple minutes.  These long life tips are specially coated to alleviate the pre-tinning and cleaning that are needed on normal copper tips.  They will extend the life of your soldering tip by 4-5 times a normal copper tip.  Available for all irons.

Rodded Soldering Tips are Interchangeable Among Most Irons

If you own a particular soldering iron brand (propane or acetylene), you may feel limited by the soldering copper tip options you have available for that brand of iron. Since being stuck with no options is never fun, we took the time to research what alternative soldering tips can cross from one iron to another.  At Stortz Tools, we have over 40 different copper soldering pieces to equip your iron for your next job.

The mixing and matching of soldering brands and tips first requires an understanding of the current unit you own.  The following information pertains to these soldering irons.

Once you determine that you own any of the above irons, your soldering tip options increase greatly.  The truth is, the copper tips that are secured to a steel rod  in order to secure to their torch, are all interchangeable.  For instance, the Perkeo soldering iron will work with the Sievert soldering tips.  Or the Aero Acetylene Iron will be able to hold a Perkeo 350gr Hammer tip.  The only exception to this rule is that the Aero Acytelene tips choice are not able to fit into the other styles.  This is because the rod is not long enough to secure properly for the other iron styles.  See some of the below photos for examples.