What To Expect Moving Forward

If you’ve been making a living over the last two years in the construction industry, you know what to expect. Longer lead times, higher prices, and labor issues. When you shop with us, we do our best to keep the items you need in stock, and alert you when you will receive them if we don’t have them available.

We are going to highlight a few key products that are running into issues for varying reasons that may be of interest to you as it sheds light on the specifics of the industry.

Deep Depth Seaming Pliers

These tools are manufactured in Austria and have run into delays, most likely because of the material shortage and high demand. It’s one of the most popular seaming pliers due to its depth and compact size. Of course you can find alternative ways to bend metal, but this high functioning plier is currently tough to come by nowadays.

Current Lead Time – 4- 8 weeks

RAU 106 Eaves Locker

A critical tool to finish panels at the eaves edge has become delayed due to unexpected high demand. We will be receiving a large shipment in 1-2 weeks and the tool is available on backorder if you’d like to get in line. The next shipment will most likely be months. If you need this tool, order it now to get yours first. The PVC closer below is currently available.

Current Lead Time – 1-2 weeks

Power Seamers

All of the drill power seamers such as the AccuSeamer are in stock and shipping quickly. For the electric power seamers such as the ESE K9, you should expect a lead time. We’ve learned roofers tend to need these types of products quickly and during this time period, planning is necessary if you want the tool to be there when you need it.

Current Lead Time – 1-2 Weeks


Mini Decoilers are essential to getting metal off of coils into roll forming machines. It’s happened often that customers need a decoiler for a job and they have ranged up to 8 weeks out. Making certain you get the order in for a decoiler is important if you have an upcoming job.

Current Lead Time – 6-8 Weeks

Snow Guards

Berger is a prime manufacturer of many snow guards in the northeast and they have ran into slow delivery times. If the job is spec’d for Berger guards, you want to make sure you get that order in to give yourself enough time. If you happen to need a guard that is out of stock, it could be months and you’ll be looking for a substitute.

Current Lead Time – Depends on the guard. Call first.

Midwest Snips

Midwest snips are desirable as an economic, high quality pair of snips. We’ve tried to keep these in stock and every time we have to re-order, they come with months of lead times, We will be getting more in shortly, they will go fast, and then we will be waiting again. Buy yours today!