Rau 106 Eaves Seam Locker – Are you still making the eaves crimp with short, 3″, hand seamers? Give your forearms a rest and start locking your drip edge or rake with the tool that is created for the job. Plus you avoid crimp marks every 3 inches. This should be a quick lock that makes your panels water tight. There are few substitutes.

XL-150 Perfect Bender – Roll benders have been in the market for decades and there are still sheet metal contractors out there who haven’t seen them. The best use of these tools is bending on the jobsite or on the roof. A primary function of this tool, combined with a disc bender tool, is creating hems on pieces over the length of a brake. These are perfect for those long rake edges that extend past 10 feet with an endless max. To continue to evolve, the Falz bender set can be used to create the male and female profiles which is perfect for tapered panels, short runs, or job site profiles.

Double Falz Seamer – Why are you still lugging 50lbs around on the roof? There is no reason for you to continue to make yourself or your crew work slower and with more effort. These cordless drills attachments are not “new” anymore and there is no reason to think “they won’t work”. If you work with 24 gauge, and 1 or 1 1/2″ panels, this tool will seam your panels faster and it will cost you half the price of traditional 50lb power seamers. Evading change is a slow path to extinction.

Stubai Combination Snips – Precision is key to a well executed job. The Stubai snips offer sharpness and extended durability for a lifetime of cuts. Should you use these snips cutting through 4 layers of 24 gauge? No. That is not the intended purpose. Purchase Midwest if you want a great pair of rugged snips. These are a Porsche. They will give you exact cuts on softer materials but you’re not driving them through the grand canyon.

Biegetec Finish Hand Seamer – The most popular mechanical lock bending tool by far. Why? Look no further than a PVC protected surface that doesn’t leave any scratches on painted material. Not to mention this tool does both the 1st and the 2nd stage of the mechanical lock. Seam faster with no marring with this optimally built finish hand seamer.