Half Round Petit Punch

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Are you still using snips or a drill to cut holes for your drops? That’s slow and you’re probably wasting a lot of time. The Petit Punch makes a perfect hole every time and it’s fast and neat.

  • The Petit Punch is a precision machined industrial grade tool.
  • Cut a proper hole in seconds and then tap in a perfectly fitting Popin Outlet.
  • The fit up between the gutter and the outlet is tight and all that’s needed is a bead of sealer for a no-leak installation.
  • The punches are heavy duty and almost indestructible in proper use.
  • You can have it sharpened at any tool shop or just send it back and we’ll fix it up like new for a nominal charge.
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  1. Steven White (verified owner)

    Just as described, works as it should. I would buy it again.

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