• Biegetec Finish Seamer

biegetec seamer

What took so long….This seamer is a must have for anyone who does painted Aluminum or steel double lock standing seam. I couldn’t be happier with it’s performance!“

-Walt Frisch Construction (verified owner)


“This is definitely the seamer to have if you’re doing a painting standing seam. No worry about scratching the panel as you move along and it gives you a very tight seam. Excellent seamer.“

-Todd W (verified owner)


The Biegetec Finish Seamer is the top new tool introduced to the standing seam industry for 2017.  This seamer has been receiving high praise since its introduction approximately a year ago.  The PVC insets keep the seams from getting marred up in the closing process and ultimately allow you to create a better roof for your customer.  This seamer can be considered a “combo tool” in the sense that it will complete the first AND the second locks of a standing seam system. This tool is designed to work with seam widths of 1/2″, heights will vary 1″-1.5″.

  • Double Foot Shrinker/Stretcher & Stand Combo







Finally a foot operated stand that is great for a metal shop.  For too long the shrinkers and stretchers have been sold without an accompanying stand that makes them useful when you are a one man crew.  Now you can create inner and out radii in panels and pieces without needing a partner.


  • RAU106 – Eaves Seam Locker








“What tool locks a panel around the drip edge?” is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive on a daily basis.  The RAU106 Eaves Seam Locker is the ticket.  Of course you can use a pair of pliers and leave crimp marks all along the eaves edge while taking triple the amount of time complete the lock. In order to get a professional looking eaves edge, use the RAU106.

  • Downspout Expander

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjSpBSC8_Q4&w=560&h=315]

Words alone cannot express how thrilled I am to find this tool. I have been battling round downspouts for over 20 years trying to make them look as good as possible. I never knew the expander existed until I discovered the Stortz website by accident. The tool replaces all of the frustrating effort to make round downspouts look their best. I absolutely love this tool. It is definitely one of the greatest discovery I’ve ever made professionally. Thank you Stortz.”

  • Jeffrey W. (verified owner)

This product is a game changer for Half Round installers.  The expander is simple to use and gives you such a professional look as compared to crimping your downspouts connections.  Subtle differences like these are what separate the average installers from the top notch ones.

  • Steadman Hand Tongs

Steadman Offset Tongs

For years people have been complaining about the discontinuing of Steadman 45° hand tongs. The Steadman Tongs were introduced in 1968 by Al Steadman who was manufacturing out of his home shop at the time and grew to become a tool of high demand in the PA, NY & Ohio markets. Manufacturing of this tong had stopped for years until its recent resurrection. The balance, size and feel of each cast tong is what makes them so sought after. Cast, ground, drilled and pinned in the USA, the Steadman tong is back!


  • Bessey Ideal Cutting Snips

Tough snips that can handle cutting steel or naturals like copper & zinc. The smooth blades leave a really nice finish to the cut and the offset handles keep your hands raised above the material for continuous cuts.  Snips only have so many features to brag about, but try a pair and feel the difference in these Bessey Ideal snips.